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Inspired by the movement of the human body, Gesture is the first office chair designed to support our interactions with today's technologies.

Our inspiration for the design ultimately came from the human body at work, getting back to the essence of the sitting experience. This is what we call our taxonomy of postures, consisting of approximately 30 different postures we saw in our posture study, nine of which were driven by newer technologies. To rethink the sitting experience, we examined where sitting actually happens, the points of contact between the person and the chair. The taxonomy of postures allowed us to view each of point of contact as part of a series of interfaces. We used this inspiration throughout the creation of Gesture. 
5 Years  Warranty

Headrest: No Headrest

Back Style: Upholstered Wrap Back

Upholstery Material: Fabric

Colour Scheme for Frame: Black Frame with Black Seat/Back/Arms (Black/Black)

Base: Base Matches Frame

Lumbar: Additional Lumbar Support

Wheels: Wheels for Hard Floors

Assembly Instruction


  • Contoured backrest helps to align your spine in its natural, healthy S-shape 
  • 3D LiveBack® technology provides added flexibility and support as you move
  • Optional adjustable lumbar support dials in comfort  
  • Manually adjustable tilt mechanism lets you dial in the level of resistance you feel against your back as you recline; a variable back stop allows you to lock in your preferred recline or upright position 
  • 360 Arm adjusts through a full range of motion – height, width, depth, pivot adjustable – for comfortable support as you work with multiple tech devices and interfaces 
  • Armrests attach at the base, letting arms remain parallel to the worksurface as you move, so you can stay comfortably on task at every angle of recline 
  • Manually adjustable tilt mechanism is synchronized; the seat and back work in harmony with each other, keeping the body securely supported in the chair and feet firmly planted on the floor so you can recline without leaving your optimal zone for seeing and reaching your work 
  • Strong yet pliable foam with adaptive bolstering (air pockets under the foam) in the seat conforms to the body and creates pressure-free comfort  
  • Flexible seat edge in front and soft edge around the perimeter offers a bit of bend, right where you need it – relieving pressure points under your thighs 
  • Armrests extend as little as 5.5” while pivoted inward and 22.25” while pivoted outward”, offering the greatest dimensional range on the market  


Assembly Instruction

Assembly Required.
How simple is assembly? 1 Person can assemble in less than 2 minutes with 3 parts and no tools.
Assembly Video
Assembly Directions


North America – Spark Awards (Spark! Winner)
North America – Good Design Award
North America – Best of NeoCon (Gold Award)
North America – Product Innovation Awards
North America – Product Innovations Awards (Grand Prize)
North America – Best of Year Awards (Best of Year Honoree)
North America – Core 77
North America – HiP Award
Australia – Good Design Award
Germany – Red Dot Award
France – Préventica Innovation Award
United Kingdom – FX Award


How can I adjust the Gesture office chair?

Gesture adjusts its seat depth and seat height via two innovative, intuitive controls located underneath Gesture. Depth is adjusted by remaining seated and turning the knob away from you (to extend depth) or towards you (to retract depth). Height is adjusted by removing your body weight and holding the lever up (to raise the chair) or sitting in the chair and holding the lever to lower it. Back tension and angle can be adjusted by a variable backstop dial beneath the right arm rest, which can be rotated to set one of four preset positions. For more information, watch our Gesture adjustment video.

What ergonomic support does Gesture have?

Gesture offers full ergonomic support thanks to the adjustable armrests, easy position setting, and the Core Equalizer that offers just the right amount of lumbar support throughout the day. Each of these factors can be adjusted to create the ideal sitting position and posture for each user. For more information, please refer to our Gesture user guide.

Is Gesture good for sitting at a desk for long hours?

For long workdays and study sessions, Gesture offers 3D LiveBack, mimicking the spine’s full range of motion to provide full support no matter how you move or what posture you sit with throughout the day. With LiveBack and easily-adjustable controls, Gesture can help keep up with your changing comfort needs during even the busiest days.

What makes Gesture comfortable?

Gesture combines innovative back support, easy adjustment of height, tilt, and posture, and a comfortable seat cushion with height and depth adjustment to help

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