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The ultimate office chair for adjustability, providing personalized support and comfort.

Colour: Graphite (5S25)

Arms: 4-Way Adjustable Arms (height, width, pivot and depth)

Lumbar: Additional Lumbar Support

Headrest: No Headrest

Wheels: Wheels for Hard Floors

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  • Contoured backrest features Leap’s patented LiveBack® technology that changes shape to support your entire spine in its natural, healthy S-shape 
  • Optional headrest keeps your head and neck centered over the spine and shoulders  
  • Manually adjustable tilt mechanism lets you dial in the level of resistance you feel against your back as you recline; a variable back stop allows you to lock in your preferred recline or upright position 
  • Armrests attach at the base, allowing arms to remain parallel to the worksurface as you move, so you can stay comfortably on task at every angle of recline  
  • Patented Natural Glide™ adjustment allows the seat to glide forward so you can recline without leaving your optimal zone for seeing and reaching your work 
  • Strong yet pliable foam with adaptive bolstering (air pockets under the foam) in the seat conforms to the body and creates pressure-free comfort  
  • Flexible seat edge offers a bit of bend, right where you need it – relieving pressure points under your thighs 
  • Adjustable seat pan glides in and out to support your underside and thighs optimally – with the seat edge two or three inches from the back of your knee 
  • Fully adjustable armrests raise up and down, pivot in and out, and shift forward and back and side to side, to provide steady support for your arms so your shoulders can remain in a relaxed position


Assembly Instruction

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ergonomic support does Leap have?

Leap offers innovative, adjustable ergonomic support at nearly every point of contact between your body and your chair to meet the daily posture needs of workers and students alike, making Leap an ideal ergonomic solution for our ever-changing world.

The adjustable ergonomic support points offered by Leap include:

  • Built-in lumbar support across all Leap chairs
  • Optional add-on height-adjustable lumbar support 
  • Seat with adjustable height and depth
  • 4-recline angle stop settings with upright back lock
  • Four-dimensional adjustable arm settings (optional)
  • The unique LiveBack geometric back support system to encourage healthy posture and support your back in a natural S-shape

How do I adjust the height on my Steelcase Leap office chair?

Leap’s height can be adjusted via a small lever on the underside of the seat itself, similar to other types of office chairs. To raise your chair, lift your body weight while pulling the lever up. Staying seated while pulling the lever up will lower the chair.

For further adjustments, a smaller lever near the back of the chair can be used to adjust seat depth. The individual arms can also be adjusted to your liking, both with standard height adjustments or with our optional 4-Way adjustment system including height, width, pivot, and depth.

Does Leap have lumbar support?

Steelcase Leap offers modern, flexible lumbar support at various points across your spine and upper body. Each Leap includes our revolutionary LiveBack geometric lumbar system that supports your spine in a natural, healthier way while still providing continuous, responsive back tension. Additional, optional height-adjustable lumbar support is available for users who need more flexibility in their seating positions. This lumbar support can be easily adjusted by grabbing the handles on the sides of the back support, and sliding up or down.

Is the Leap office chair good for sitting long hours?

Each aspect of Leap is designed to provide maximum flexibility and support across all sitting styles throughout the day, no matter how long you need to sit or where the day takes you. By combining our unique LiveBack system with adjustable seat depth, adjustable armrests, and an optional height-adjustable lumbar support, Leap can keep you sitting more comfortably and in a healthier position than standard office chairs that offer fewer points of adjustment.

How can I clean my Leap chair?

While we advise against the use of disinfectants to clean the fabric on your Steelcase Leap chair, there are easy methods to keep your chairs clean and tidy with a mixture of 1 part clear dish detergent and 16 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray your fabric surface lightly and evenly, allowing it to soak through before absorbing the leftover moisture with a wet/dry vac. The metal and plastic parts can be safely cleaned with a damp cloth and a gentle soap as needed, and buffed dry with a soft non-abrasive cloth to prevent streaking. 

For more information, learn how to clean Steelcase products here.

What rooms or spaces can Leap be used in?

Leap’s size and design allow it to fit in seamlessly with a variety of professional or educational environments, from home offices to shared work spaces, even academic settings like shared labs or libraries/archives. For a detailed breakdown of Leap’s size and dimensions, you can review our Leap specifications guide here.


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