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The SILQ chair is a breakthrough in seating design. Its innovative nature is both mechanism and artistry. It delivers a personal experience that responds to the unique movements of your body.

Frame and Base Colour: Black (6205)

Wheels: Wheels for Hard Floors

Details and Dimensions


  • Patent pending LiveLumbar™ flexor system, hidden in the backrest of the upholstered model, changes shape to support your entire spine in its natural, healthy S-shape  
  • Air LiveBack® technology, available on 3D microknit and plastic airback models, features an innovative geometric design that flexes in two dimensions to provide responsive, personalized comfort and fit 
  • Optional adjustable lumbar support dials in comfort  
  • Armrests attach at the base, allowing arms to remain parallel to the worksurface as you move, so you can stay comfortably on task at every angle of recline  
  • Manually adjustable tilt mechanism is synchronized; the seat and back work in harmony with each other, keeping the body securely supported in the chair and feet firmly planted on the floor so you can recline without leaving your optimal zone for seeing and reaching your work 
  • Strong yet pliable foam with adaptive bolstering (air pockets under the foam) in the seat conforms to the body and creates pressure-free comfort 
  • Flexible seat edge offers a bit of bend, right where you need it – relieving pressure points under your thighs 
  • Fully adjustable armrests raise up and down, pivot in and out, and shift forward and back and side to side, to provide steady support for your arms so your shoulders can remain in a relaxed position 

Details and Dimensions


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